Nikki Solis Studios

Hi friends, I'm Nikki!

I am an extroverted introvert who just really loves love. Growing up I spent time in Chicago, Ecuador & Minnesota surrounded by my big, loud and affectionate latino family. I'm a massive animal lover and am always the first person my friends call when there is an animal in need of help - I've even rescued wild animals from time to time!

When I'm not behind the camera...

You can find me hosting a relatable podcast with my mom where we have honest conversations and advocate for mental health! Otherwise, I love to be outside-hiking, visiting local breweries, working out, traveling or tending to my home garden! As a true Taurus, I also love a good lazy day where I get to indulge in a reality TV show, documentary or book when I have time! My favorite place to be is usually snuggled up on the couch or in bed with my cats, dog and boyfriend, Craig.

Meet my people!